First Landings

Client: SONICA

Scope: Full Joinery & Upholstery

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Completion Date: Nov 2020

Case Study

To view a full case study of this flagship project please download the PDF file here.

Award winning multi-national construction company, SONICA recently opened its ambitious First Landings” land and expand model for new Clients. The company is head-quartered in this new 30,000 sq ft modern complex. Designed by Kingston Lafferty Design (KLD), the space is a wholly bespoke incubator space for new Foreign Direct Investment Clients entering the Irish market. It is a location for these Clients to work, interview, hire and grow from.

SONICA awarded the prestigious joinery package to BCW Specialist Joinery LTD. The scope consisted of many bespoke design joinery elements with a focus on visual, touch and feel. BCW engaged with KLD and SONICA throughout the process to ensure the design intent was realised to a very accurate level. Material selection, sampling and mock-ups, construction methods and finishing standards were very much at the forefront of the process.

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